Meet The Maker!

I'm Joy! The dreamer and designer behind all of your Pickled Penny pieces. I am so happy that you are here!

I've always had a creative streak that I think I get from my sweet Grandmommy.  We used to get lost in arts and crafts projects for hours together. She loved to paint, anything "pickled", singing, and her family.  She also had a way with words, beautiful cursive handwriting and a love for using the two together to bring happiness and hope to others.   

I began this lettering journey in 2015, making a birthday chalkboard for my neice when she turned one. I had a newborn and planned to stay home with her for a bit but also discovered I had a passion for lettering and painting. Not only did I find a lucky penny worth $1,000, that year, but I taught myself hand lettering and started painting flowers on everything...thus Pickled Penny had begun!

Everything we do is fully handmade, hand painted, built and designed by my husband and I. Each piece is a part of me that I feel so blessed to get to share with you!